Courtney Love/Lily Allen Twitter Feud Gets Ugly With Pics, Drug Accusations


Lily Allen & Courtney Love

God bless Twitter. When Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain faced off at the MTV Music Awards almost twenty years ago, the stars were left to stew in their juices following the night’s feud. But following a public shouting match at last week’s NME Awards, Lily Allen is free to post grotesque twitpics of Courtney Love at Milan Fashion Week, while Love responds with, well…she can speak for herself.

oh @lilyroseallen tweeted that pic? thats just baby brat nonsense we are NOT having a” FUED” WOULDNT DEIGN TO post a pic of her thighs…but im not the one on gak every night dear, you are, and im not the one who uses the word “relevant” to reassure meselfALWAYS…your really a brat, is there anyone who you havent started a meaningless strop with? the night you did all the blow on earth…the night you home invaded me did all the blow ive ever seen in my home wouldnt leave and blamed ME for yr s— show?thighs?…But then again i dont pick fights with insanely deluded irrevelant friendless unatractive children who noone i know even close to likes.

Love then posted several unflattering pics of Allen circa 2008 (Love digs deep!), retweeted some supporters, called the 24-year-old singer a “feral woofy dog,” and said Allen doesn’t have an exclusive deal with Chanel—Love’s earlier accusation that kicked off this mess—because she’s “too plump” (that’s right, two critically hailed artists are having fight online over which one is ugly and which one is fat). Allen has yet to respond to Love’s unending-as-of-our-posting stream of bile (“whata sad baby, retire already so you can stop picking fights with everyone for no reason, ps tip, nme awards not venue to dress filmstar”) but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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