LOST RECAP: Season 6, Episode 6, “Sundown”


This is a Recap of Lost Season 6, Episode 6, entitled “Sundown”, originally airing March 2, 2010. It is full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read on, cause I’ll spoil the fact that the episode was sponsored by Sun Chips and included no fewer than eight deliberate product shots of characters pointing at Sun Chips, then Ben’s coffin was filled with Sun Chips. Oops! Spoiled that too. See?

I assumed the episode “Sundown” was gonna be about Sun (like Season 1’s “House of the Rising Sun”), and I was already prepared to rip on the terrible pun title with my own list of upcoming episodes (“Blackjack”, “Ben’d It Like Beckham”, “Kate-O Kaelin”) but Lost managed to cut all the Sun scenes and replace them with Sayid scenes at the last minute, and the episode ended up being less “Sundown” and more “East Of Sayiden”.

The episode opens on Uncle Sayid in New Thousand Four arriving at the house of his brother Omer and Omer’s wife, Sayid’s childhood sweetheart Nadia (yesss, from American Pie, people who hear her name in 1999 and say the joke she’s heard a million times). Sayid gives the kids their Australia gifts — boomerangs with pictures of kangaroos playing digeridoos on them — and tells his brother about this job raveling the world murdering oil contracts, and Nadia gloats that Omer has opened up a new dry cleaners, but Omer suddenly gets an urgent phone call and nervously storms off (my friend joked “Red wine?? Sorry, I have to take this…”)

Turns out, Omer has borrowed money from murderous loan sharks so he could open the dry cleaners, and unfortunately, this isn’t a euphemism for a drug problem — he’s actually risking his life to expand his dry cleaning empire. This double-great idea somehow backfires, and with his life in danger, Omer begs Sayid to help get the goons off his back, not by borrowing his money, but by borrowing his murder. Sayid refuses, saying “I am not that man anymore — I’m not killing anyone ever again…until at least one more commercial.

Sidenote: It was subtle, but I think Sayid and Nadia have a liiiiiiiiitttttle thing for one another. Seriously — I rewound the DVR and watched their scenes seven times, and if you pause the screen on certain specific frames and walk up really close to the tv, you can see minute details that indicate that they may have at one time had feelings for one another. The show hid it well, but I miss no detail, no matter how microsocopic. I am the Sherlock Holmes of everything.

Anyway…the 2004 segment climaxes when two bald goons approach Sayid, throw him in a car, drive him to a shady mob-style restaurant, and introduce him to their leader… WAIT! Don’t tell me… 2/3 of the way through the episode, new-2004 timeline, and really slow face reveal after hearing the person’s voice… it’s gonna be someone from the island! I’m gonna sayyyy…… Rousseau’s partner who had his arm ripped off by the monster! Ahhhh…Keamy! The bounty hunter who shot Ben’s daughter. Why wouldn’t he be on the mainland shadily ripping off Iraqi cleaning entrepreneurs?

Keamy feigns sympathy for the “accident” that hospitalized Omer (pair of scissors fell out of a dress shirt) and explains that Omer still owes him money, but before he can say “the dude’s name should be Owe-More!”, Sayid swipes his captor’s gun, kills the two goons, and points it at Keamy, who quickly agrees to call off Omer’s debt. Unfortunately, Keamy only cooked his eggs for three seconds, and he dies of salmonella poisoning a split second before Sayid shoots him. Sayid then follows a voice and opens a freezer to find, tied up on the ground, none other than Jin. LOST. Wait, not “LOST” yet? Damn — a lot must’ve happened this week, huh?

After the jump, a Star Trek fight, Sayid makes a choice, and a lot of people choose to be dead:


Meanwhile, in the temple, Sayid finally confronts Dogen and demands some answers, and Dogen laughs “Oh, haha! That poison pill gag? Classic! You were so gonna eat it and die! Ahhhh…butseriously… inside everyone is a scale of good and evil, and us burning you was a test of that and you failed so, sorry.” Dogen curiously doesn’t say “you tested evil,” just, “yours tipped the wrong way,” which I thought was significant, until Sayid caused a bunch of evil crap to happen (getting to that later). Sayid and Dogen engage in fisticuffs (cue this music!), and when Dogen has Sayid pinned down, his baseball rolls off his table and he suddenly decides “Ah, the baseball roll — that means you’re banned from the temple, not murdered.”

Before Sayid can pack his bags (all he has are some boxers, toiletries, and a carry-on of death), Claire waltzes into the temple and demands that Dogen meet with Dark Locke, but Dogen wants Locke to come to him, because Dogen’s tired of driving all the way out to Locke’s place and paying the $5.50 for the bridge, but Locke can’t come there cause he’s waiting for the cable guy to show up, so they can’t reach an agreement. Dogen’s afraid Locke will kill whoever he sends, and he can’t send Jack or Hurley cause they’ve flown the Lost coop, so he convinces Sayid to go and instructs him that if he still has any good left in him, he’ll do the right thing and stab the “evil incarnate” — who will appear as “one of your friends who died” — before he manages to talk. If that’s the only way you could kill my wife, she’d live forever — HELLO! [Tie Adjust]

Sayid blows past Kate (a running gag this season) and finally encounters Locke, who sinisterly manages to exclaim “Hi Sayid” before Sayid plunges Dogen’s knife into his chest. Locke removes the knife unscathed, and rather than kill Sayid, he takes the much nicer route and just convinces Sayid to deliver a message to the temple inhabitants, which will assuredly result in way more death. After deliberating exactly how many deaths he’d like to cause from his actions, because he’s Sayid, Sayid agrees.


Sayid brings a message back to the temple: leave the temple and join Dark Locke, or you’ll be killed at sundown. This creates a panic throughout the obviously already-paranoid commune members, and Dogen’s second in command dude tries in vain to convince people to stay because “He can’t come in here! Trust me – that magic rule is still in place.” Sayid returns Dogen’s knife to him, and totally calls him on his BS about trying to use other people to kill him, and when he asks why, Dogen launches into a prepared wedding speech about how he came to the island.

Dogen recounts how he was once promoted to Head Unnecessary Translator User at the bank he worked at, but got too drunk while celebrating and crashed his car after picking his son up from baseball practice. Jacob arrived at the child’s hospital room and convinced Dogen to take a job on the island, and in exchange, Dogen would never get to see his son ever again. Wait — shouldn’t the tradeoff for taking Jacob’s mysterious island job be something positive? Either way, Dogen doesn’t realize this, and long story short, he’s on the island, holding a baseball, and not answering Sayid’s original question with his rambly story. Sayid’s like, “That’s it?? I thought you were gonna say your son’s spirit is trapped in your magic baseball or something,” and drowns Dogen in the pool of resurrection (Zuh? Is he gonna come back to life? And/or be evil now? Or did Sayid remember to change the jacuzzi setting to “Not Resurrecting Pool”?)

Vice Templeman rushes in to find his leader dead in the pool and screams at Sayid “He was the only thing keeping it out! You’re gonna kill me aren–” and Sayid cuts his throat, adding “I know. And yes.” This cues Smokey to go on another rampage, and he blitzes through the temple and slaughters every unimportant character. Miles is rescued by Ilana and the Lapidus/Ben motley crew, and after Ben unsuccessfully tries to recruit Sayid to go with them — “There’s still time” / “Not for meeee….” — the group escapes the temple through the secret passageway in the rock wall (Zelda chime!)

Earlier in the episode, Kate finally meets face to face with Claire, who’s sitting in the temple’s Silence Of The Lambs lotion pit, and tells her “Good news! I took Aaron off the island and raised him myself! Aren’t you totally not gonna murder me for that?” and Claire gives her a look so disdainful, it briefly bumps her hair down to being her second most horrifying feature (Roasted! Two weeks in a row!!!) When the Smoke Monster shizz goes down, Kate runs to rescue Claire, but Claire says “we’ll be safer in here” and is proven right when Kate moves slightly into the pit and the smoke whizzes right over her head. Claire and Kate emerge from the pit intact, and join Sayid and Cindy the ex-stewardess in their merger with LockeCorp.

The episode concludes with Locke sinisterly assembling the temple survivors and leftover beach stragglers — but is he leading them off the island, as he says, or is he leading them somewhere else, like Being Killed Towne? Also, remember my ongoing theory that the “Man In Black” isn’t as expressly evil as he appears on the surface? It got repeatedly slammed against a stone pillar this week.


— As destructive as Dark Locke has been, Jacob may not totally be off the hook as some innocent “good half” either. Which one of them ordered the Dharma massacre? Was it Jacob though Richard, was it Man In Black pulling a stunt, or was it Richard and the Others acting on their own without divine inspiration? It’d be cool if the theme of the show ends up being “All gods murder you.”

— On the sidelines this week: Sawyer (strained oblique), Richard (sprained MCL), Desmond (out indefinitely), and Hurley (healthy scratch)

— Jack makes an Easter-eggy appearance as a doctor at Omer’s hospital but doesn’t interact with Sayid, though he does presumably botch whatever he was on his way to do in the background.

— Most of the islanders who’ve appeared in new positions in the alternate 2004 have been nice — Ethan the regular doctor, Ben the teacher, Dogen the supportive parent — but Keamy was still a jerk. Maybe in the old reality, he did not make good eggs.

— Next Week On Lost: Ben finally “meets his demise”. Up until mid Season-5, if you had asked me to pick a favorite character, I would’ve very quickly responded “Ben,” simply because every episode with Ben in it was so noticeably more awesome than every episode at the time without Ben. But ever since that ridiculous murder-reflecting smoke episode, Ben’s been impotent in the sinister department, and all the mystique and Iago-like endearing villainy he used to represent is just totally gone. Now he’s just some dude caught in the middle of warring gods and possessed resurrected underlings, so it’s hard to find his character that special any more. Or maybe he’s just been setting us all up for the ULTIMATE BEN-ING?? Ehhh…I’m not placing any Bents (Ben bets).

Also, one final note: I’m going to be traveling for the next two weeks, starting next Monday, so the Lost Recaps are gonna take a two-week break. I really enjoy writing these posts and reading the comments from fellow obsessives, and I apologize if the lack of screengrabs from the show with added talking bubbles indicating the characters are saying something stupid inconveniences you, but I promise, I’ll recap the two episodes when I get back, and will resume regular Lost recapping duties for the final 8 episodes and the finale.

In the meantime — leave all “Sundown” episode thoughts, observations, questions, theories, favorite parts, favorite lines, and eulogies to Dogen and Lennon in the comments.

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