Kelly Osbourne: Oldest Lady At Pre-Oscar Cocktails


Kelly Osbourne

Don’t get us wrong, we love Kelly OsbourneShut Up! is an underrated album, for real—but we’re counting the minutes before she gets tired of dressing like a stylish golden girl. That purple-platinum hair dye must be seeping into her scalp and telling her raid her mom’s wardrobe—a 25-year-old should not look “Martha Stewart sexy.” Kelly showed off her white, shoulder-padded jacket (very “dragon lady”!) at the Montblanc Charity Cocktail in Hollywood Saturday, a Weinstein-sponsored soiree full of reveling nominees like Gabourey Sidibe, Christoph Waltz, Carey Mulligan and Quentin Tarantino, as well as plain ol’ partiers like Nicole Richie, Jamie Foxx, Russell Brand and Gwen Stefani. See what they wore in the gallery below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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