Burrito The Golfing Dog Sinks Ball in Our Heart


File this post under “How the Hell Did We Miss This?” Earlier this morning, The Today Show announced that they were accepting applications for their 2010 “Top Dog” contest. And to motivate viewers into getting their acts together (literally, dogs on piano, dogs in tap shoes) and submit a video, they had the good sense to show us footage from past winners. Including Burrito, a chihuahua who plays golf.

Well, OK. He sucks at golf. It takes him a good 5 tries to get the ball off the tee, all while looking up at his owner with the giant eyes of a small Mexican dog who has seen the face of the Devil. In unrelated news, it’s adorrrrable. The small bag of clubs over his shoulder really sells this one, for us.

This post brought to you by some story from Reader’s Digest, probably.

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