Chris Brown Begs Fans To Get Him On The Radio


Chris Brown

Chris Brown just called to say he loves you….and that he’s really desperate. In a remarkably pleading message left on his SayNow account, the Graffiti singer pleaded for fans to get him back on the radio. “I never really did this…I need all of my fans’ help. All the fans that I have, I need your help. A lot of radio stations aren’t playing my records…they are not being that supportive and I wouldn’t expect them to. It’s on the fans, and what you guys do in your power to bring me back. That’s all I need is you guys and nothing else will do that, except for the fans.”

Though vaguely reaffirming his continuing regret over beating Rihanna last year (“I don’t know what else I can do…I’m doing everything I need to do, I’m doing me as a person, I’m a better guy”), Brown suggests he can’t survive off good intentions alone. “It won’t be possible [to continue] if I’m not relevant on the radio and it won’t be possible for me to be an artist if I don’t have any support…I can’t be an underground mixtape artist, heh.” Like how Jon Gosselin can’t get a normal job? After Chris’ expletive-filled Twitter meltdown last December, we’re surprised his handlers are cool with him having access to a service like this. Next time you’re feeling unappreciated, dude—call your mom.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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