Heidi Fires Spencer



Is there trouble in them there Hills? We sure hope so. Heidi Montag announced today that she has fired husband Spencer Pratt as her manager. However, the man she hired as his replacement doesn’t imply she’s any more stable or grounded in reality though, because she has chosen a psychic to run her career.

Montag explained to People “No longer is my husband the face of my business or managing my career. I am going to have Aiden Chase help manage my new life and career in a very different and positive way with light and love. The time for change is now. Never mix business and pleasure. We are no longer Speidi but Spencer and Heidi.” Wow, we didn’t actaully think Heidi was capable of making her own decisions, perhaps there’s hope for her yet. She also added “Having an intuitive psychic leading my team gives me an edge no one else has.” She’s right about that.

Montag appeared in a Funny or Die video about finance reform earlier in the week and the spot, directed by Ron Howard, appeared to delude her into thinking she has an acting career. Heidi said about working with Howard “He made me feel confident in my talent. I am so excited about my acting future. I can’t wait for my next role to be as an action star! This is just the beginning of a whole new world for me.” It’s possible that working with a Hollywood A-list filmmaker boosted her confidence and caused her fire Spencer, but we also wonder if this is just a plot device to create drama for the next season of The Hills. Knowing these two, it’s probably  the latter.

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