Adam Lambert Inspired To Audition For Idol On Acid Trip



Kissing a dude isn’t the only controversial thing Adam Lambert did while he was at Burning Man. In a recent interview, Lambert admitted that he got the inspiration to audition for American Idol while on an acid trip.

The UK site Metro talked to Lambert about several different, completely disparate issues, but  buried at the very end and out of nowhere is the question”If people are lacking purpose in life would you advise them to take LSD?”, to which Lambert responds “Sure, it’s one method of finding yourself. My trip led me to some epiphanies about who I was as a performer, what I wanted to do and how I needed to create my own opportunities. When I got home, I started writing music with other people and went to the Idol audition. The vision was about finding opportunities. I wasn’t sitting in the desert in rave-wear thinking about Simon Cowell when I was on acid.”

The comment no doubt will get Lambert in hot water with his detractors and the anti-drug crusade but it’s not like he’s saying it to sound cool. If he wanted to sound cool, he wouldn’t have admitted to wearing rave-wear. [Photo: Getty Images]

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