Minute It To Win It Totally Won It (It = Me Over)


Ed. Note: Please welcome a new contributor to the BWE.tv empire, Noah Garfinkel. You might recognize him from his many appearances on Best Day Ever, or maybe he bought pot from you one time. He is hilarious, you will love him. Enjoy his very first post, about the NBC docudrama “Minute to Win It.” — M. Collins

Basically, here is what happens when you see an advertisement for a game show hosted by Guy Fieri called In It To Win in which somebody has to take a lot of tissues out of a box in a minute: You’re like, “What an immensely stupid idea.  I hate Guy Fieri and I hate tissues and I will for sure watch every episode of this show.”  And then you can’t wait to watch the show.  And then you watch it and, oh boy, you love it.  You love it so much that you are seriously considering calling Guy Fieri by his name instead of “Nightmare Face.”


It is undeniable.  Watching people try to stack apples, knock glasses off of podiums with a yo-yo tied to their ass,  or blow a bubble across a room into a hula hoop is really fun.  And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, you even get to watch a chubby man try to give a million tiny pantomime B.J.s with a pedometer on his head.

We get to watch a full hour of this every week?! Ms. Florguldson, cancel all my Monday night appointments forever. Television is BACK. These Guys know what I’m talking about.

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