The Best Commercials In The World Are Happening Right Now!


Most people aren’t in love with commercials. I get that. But there are some truly amazing commercials on TV right now and you need to be in love with them. For example, there is currently a Verizon commercial that is a parody of another commercial.

Excuse me, Verizon…did you just Weird Al a Big Red chewing gum commercial. Oh you did? Well, obviously it’s the greatest.

“You’ll watch YouTube on a Horse”? Get out of here; that’s amazing. I’ll break down why. “You’ll watch YouTube on a horse” is far enough out that there that it makes you think that they only used those words in order to be congruous with the original lyrics – like they’re trying to rhyme with the original jingle. But the lyrics for that part of the jingle in the Big Red commercial are “your fresh breath goes on and on.” Not even close! Therefore, it is brilliant and you should love commercial.

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