AD WIZARDS: Vitamin Water, What Are You Talking About?


There’s a new ad campaign for Vitamin water. And that’s great; new ad campaigns are great.  But just as a general rule, probably new ad campaigns should make sense and not needlessly include a an ambiguous racial reference.  I didn’t major in marketing or anything, but I get the feeling that chapter one in any marketing text book probably says something like, “Hey…don’t be, like, weird about Chinese enclaves for no reason.”

Now this is pretty New York-centric so let me break it down for you in case you don’t live here.  Canal Street and Chinatown are both things in New York.  That’s it.  Oh, you still don’t get it?  That’s because the ad makes no sense!  Why bring Chinatown into it in the first place?   I mean… this guy can’t even explain it to Jack Nicholson:

Noah Garfinkel

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