Kirstie Alley: Dianetics Says Shoes Are For Suckers



There are many treasures to be found on New York City sidewalks: dog poo, broken glass, horse poo, cigarette butts, human poo. And maybe Kirstie Alley thinks that her Scientologist beliefs will ward off the germs on the ground, but man we wish she’s just protect herself a tiny bit by wearing those foot condoms known as shoes. Even flip-flips will do. We’re just saying that we’re worried for you, Kirstie. We don’t want you to catch ringworm or bunions or hoof and mouth disease. Funny enough, Kirstie is one of many celebs who brave the city streets sans footwear. We shudder to think about what kind of filth they’re tracking into their multi-million dollar penthouses. [Photos: Getty Images/Splash News Online]

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