VIDEO: Brinks Home Security’s Greatest Hits!


Single laaaadies, lemme hear you screammmm! You know what time it is, girls… BRINKS HOME SECURITY COMMERCIAL TIME! This weekend, SNL featured a parody of those ubiquitous Brinks/Broadway Home Security commercials, which usually go something like this: Single girl says goodbye to a nice man, presumable some sort of killer/rapist; Rapey Patterson breaks the door down; Girl promptly killed or worse… unless she has Home Security System, in which case she continues living single life uninterrupted (not murdered).

But our brand new video editor Pete Schultz wondered how accurate that parody really is… and so he’s put together a Brinks Home Security Commercial’s Greatest Hits Reel to compare.

The result? The real thing is 1000x more (hilariously) terrifying. Really, if they ever make another Scream sequel, they might as well save the money it would take to make a real trailer and just use this instead:

For comparison’s sake, we’ve posted the SNL commercial ahead… it’s somehow less terrifying than the real thing.

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