A Braille Rubik’s Cube! Finally? Sure, Finally!


Anytime somebody thinks of a way to make something accessible to a group of people that would otherwise not be able to enjoy it, it is a wonderful thing. The idea of a braille Rubik’s Cube is a very good idea.  Nobody is denying that.  But there is something about the braille Rubik’s Cube that is not a good idea.   And that is this: it is all white.  Just because it’s meant for blind people doesn’t mean it has to be colorless.

You can have colors and braille together.  Colors and braille are not in opposition.  They are total nonoverlapping magisteria. Having colors on the braille Rubik’s Cube can only serve to help.  If the cube is braille-ed and colored, a blind Rubik’s Cube solver can get all the same instantaneous credit a sighted Rubik’s Cube solver would get.  He can just hold it up and go, “Done!”  and everybody can be like, “Indeed, brilliant blind man!  I can tell immediately that you have, in fact, solved this Rubik’s Cube.  A million genius points to you.”  But if it’s just an all white cube with bumps, it’s a much more complicated process.  “Come feel what I did!” doesn’t have the same cache.  It sounds gross.

Thanks for the picture, boingboing!

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