I Never Thought The Gayest Story In The World Would Involve A Vagina


So, here’s a headline from today:  “Boy George: Lady Gaga Asked Me To Sign Her Vagina.”

This is like a headline from The Onion if The Onion was the worst.  Wow.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against Lady Gaga or Boy George or gayness for that matter, but this is a lot to take in.  It’s kind of like the way I love cheeseburgers but think the idea of a quadruple bacon cheeseburger seems excessive.  There’s a gay icon asking a former gay pop star (former star, not former gay)  to sign a part of the body that by definition has no appeal to to the second party whatsoever.  I’ve never seen Lost.  Is this what Lost is about?  If so, I totally get why everybody thinks that show is so nuts.

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