Alright. I Guess We All Look At The Tattooed Lady Dressed As A Nazi Now.


First of all, you should all understand that if for any reason you also blog about this, you will end up saving this image file as “Nazi Bombshell” and you will feel very uncomfortable about it.  Second of all.  This is not a photoshop thing.  This is a real thing.  Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, the lady who slept with Sandra Bullock’s husband, actually did a Nazi themed photo shoot, and TMZ got a hold of it.  Look!  There’s more!


Let me just put this question out there:  Who has this many fetishes?  I can understand a tattoo fetish.   But a tattoo fetish and a Nazi fetish?  At the same time?  Who wants this?  Well, I’ll tell you who wants this (the answer after the jump):

Everyone in prison!!!!!

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