George Clooney Is Officially The Most Exemplary Human Ever



Maybe George Clooney looked like he was in a poopy mood at the Oscars this year because he had to sit through almost four hours of drivel knowing he wasn’t going to win Best Actor. How was he so sure his fellow nominee Jeff Bridges was going to take the prize home? For starters, Clooney voted for him.

Yep, a rumor surfaced this week that Clooney voted for Bridges for his role in Crazy Heart, instead of doing the typical vote-for-yourself thing. He then sent Bridges a photo of the ballot and told him “If you don’t win, you can’t blame me.” Page Six spoke with Clooney’s rep who confirmed the story, saying “Story is true. According to George, ‘It was an amazing performance.'” Which just goes to show that while we think we’re so helpful sending a $10 text to Haiti and occasionally giving our spare pennies to the Starbucks baristas, George brings being a good person to a new level. Running Haiti telethons, selflessly losing the Oscars. It makes sense that he got his start on The Facts of Life, because the man certainly teaches us a new one each day. [Photo: Getty Images]

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