Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Is Really Into Eco-Dental Hygene.


So, uh. Dina Lohan …she sort of invented a toothbrush. OR SOMETHING. From Contact Music:

LINDSAY LOHAN’s mother DINA is launching her own environmentally-friendly toothbrush in a bid to raise awareness about water conservation. The Lohan Green Tooth Brush is a liquid-free device that claims to save the user two gallons of water a day.

Alrightttttttttt.  Why is….?  Like, if you….  What are we all doing here?  On earth.  What is this?  Who is it that thinks the mom of a young, seemingly troubled actress is the appropriate spokesperson for any toothbrush, much less a niche eco-toothbrush?  Because the only person I can imagine thinking that Dina Lohan is the right person for this is Dina Lohan, but she clearly didn’t do this alone.  She had help.

So, to Dina Lohan and her toothbrush aides, I would like to say this:  NOBODY IS USING TWO GALLONS OF WATER A DAY TO BRUSH THEIR TEETH!  This isn’t the 80’s.  We’re not standing around with the water running while we brush our teeth.  We all got the pamphlet in first grade.

Is it possible to file a cease and desist order based on something being s***y?

Thanks to friend Matt James for the Lohan-Toothbrush-Photoshopping.

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