Milla Jovovich’s Pants Are Just Wow



We’d like to say two things. First, we love Milla Jovovich. She’s been in a lot of good movies and she’s kind of this awesome action star/cool mom/pothead/fanboy obsession that a lot of other actresses can only hope to be. Also, we owned her album when we were in high school, which should prove our loyalty to her. The second thing is that we only wish we had the fashion-balls to wear what she is wearing in this photo, but there’s no way we could pull it off. Having said that, for real Milla, what are you wearing?

Last week, Claudia Schiffer got her fashion sense from our Nana, and we feel like Milla, who was at a Tommy Hilfiger bag launch in Spain, directly cribbed this look from our Grampy. No one rocked the plaid slacks quite like he could. Back in 1973.

Is this a trend? Should we be filing a lawsuit on behalf of groovy, retro grandparents everywhere whose looks are being copied? Pretty soon fashion magazines are just going to be replaced with those clear plastic photo cubes that lived on coffee tables everywhere when we were growing up. [Photo: Getty Images]

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