The First Google Result For Every Letter In The Alphabet


It’s been a while since we’ve compiled a giant, nerdy, time-wasting post (besides every other post on this site), so in apropos of nothing, here’s a list of the first Google result for each letter in the alphabet.

Among these 26 prestigious Google champions, you’ll find:

  • 6 Wikipedia Entries About The Letter
  • 4 Mathematical Values Of Constants
  • 4 Company Stock Profiles
  • 1 School controls the letter “U”

…And plenty of other other random surprises (you already know what company owns “I”, though.)

Alright, enough wasting time — on to the time wasting:

A: Wikipedia for “A”

B: B&H Photo / Video

C: The Speed Of Light

D: Physical Review D

E: Value of e

F: Ford Motor Company Stock

G: Gmail

H: Planck’s Constant

I: Apple

J: Wikipedia For “J”

K: Boltzmann Constant

L: Wikipedia For “L”

M: Wikipedia For “M”

N: Game From

O: Cirque du Soleil’s “O” Show

P: Wikipedia For “P”

Q: Qwest Communications International Stock

R: The R Project

S: Sprint Yahoo! Finance Page

T: Boston’s MBTA

U: New York University

V: Visa Stock

W: IMDB for “W”

X: United States Steel Corporation Stock

Y: Yahoo!

Z: Wikipedia For “Z”

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