Ex-Fiancee May Drop Charges Against Michael Lohan After Heart Attack


Michael Lohan & Erin Muller

Aren’t near-death experiences supposed to affect those who have them? Erin Muller reportedly e-mailed Radar to report she’s considering dropping all charges against life-threatening ex-fiancee Michael Lohan now that he’s suffered a heart attack. “With all of his health problems, I am concerned that if I don’t drop the charges he is going to continue obsessing over me, and this case to the point that he may have another heart attack and die…I don’t want that on my hands.” Her concern seems ironic, considering the graphic history of abuse she reported in court documents late last year. “I just need to move on, get away from him and have peace.” Muller has had Lohan arrested multiple times for breaking her restraining order against him.

Despite his equal fondness for litigation, Lohan suggests he’s ready move on as well. “We have all been through enough; Erin, her family, my family and all the people who will be dragged into court if this continues or goes forward.” That said, if Michael proves unable to stop talking about her alleged “drug use, cheating, being committed to a psych ward and sex with family members,” as he tweeted last December, Muller says she will take a page from his playbook and release recordings of Lindsay Lohan‘s estranged father. And what a disaster for his reputation that would be.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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