Oh, Good. The Cheat-On-Your-Spouse Website Is Co-Opting Avatar Now.


We’re all familiar with Ashley Madison, right?  It’s that website where married people go to find other married people to sleep with.  And I assume we can all agree that it’s sort of offensive.  But what’s more offensive is their commercial — that commercial where the guy and the girl are fooling around, and a title card says, “this couple is married,”  and then there’s a record scratch and you see a second woman, and then there’s another title card that says, “but not to each other!” and then the second woman yells, “Oh no you didn’t!” while she climbs on top of the guy and slaps his ass.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s this:

Ridiculous.  And of course she yells, “Oh, no you didn’t!”  Because in this situation, clearly the woman is going to yell either “Oh, no you didn’t” or “Oh, helllllll no.”  But do you really think that woman is going to yell, “Oh, helllllll no?”  Oh, helllllll no.

ANYWAY.  This past week, the good people at Ashley Madison updated the commercial to make an Avatar “joke.”  It’s not really an Avatar joke, but it’s definitely an Avatar “joke.”  Look at this:

Ashley Madison, clearly you’re awful.  But trying to capitalize on the success of Avatar three months after it’s release and subsequent Oscar loss is actually more reprehensible than the very concept of your website.  That being said, there is a Smurf movie coming out next year and you should totally redo this commercial with blue people.

One more thing: did James Cameron do that commercial?  It looks great!

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