An Open Thread: Does This Interview Make You Like The Piano Chatroulette Guy More Or Less?


So the biggest YouTube star of the past two weeks, the Piano Chatroulette Guy, finally did an interview.  Oh boy, did he do an interview.  He did a 15 minute interview.  I was really into his original video, and even I don’t like this guy 15 interview minutes worth of time.  Also he pronounces “pianist” with the stress on the “a.”  “PiAnist,” he says.

I definitely like the piano chatroulette guy less now.  I feel bad about saying that though, because he’s in a rough spot.  No one has ever seemed gracious when talking about fame that they’ve garnered from YouTube.  Even so, there was something particularly saccharine about this guy that left me feeling uneasy.  How do you guys feel about it?  Tell me your feelings.  Or feel free to record your feelings in song form while playing the piano and then post it on YouTube.  It’s up to you.

Thanks, Buzzfeed.

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