Awesome Nightmare Time: Photorealistic Sculptures


Oh, Sh*******************************t!!!  WE HAVE TO GET THE F#*K OUT OF HERE!!

Oh my god, are we all okay?  Jesus, that was nuts.  Let’s just settle down.  At least he wasn’t looking directly at us.  Wait!….


Wow, these are the awesomest scary things.  Apparently there is an artist named Jamie Salmon and he makes these things using silicone, rubber, fiber glass, acrylic, and human hair.  I think we can all agree he is very talented and we should all thank our lucky stars that he has enough discipline to not make something too, too scary like a giant sculpture of his own head.  Because then we’d have to look at a picture of a guy building a much larger version of his own head.  OH NO!

Okay, why don’t you go clean yourself up and then look at more of this guy’s stuff over at The Swedish Bed.

(Found on Buzzfeed.)

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