But How Do These 1,200 Foot High Zip Line Kids Get Home?


In a small village in Colombia, children take a 1,200 foot high zip line to school.  That is what this news story is about, and there are some fantastic photos they have posted along with the article.  You should really click on that and look at them.  But like….they don’t tell you how the kids get home.  They just talk about how the zip line is the only way for the kids to get to school, which is just….that can’t be true; the quickest way to school is never an extreme sport.  And if that was somehow true, the kids would go to school once and then be stuck there for the rest of their lives.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering, “What does that girl have in that sack?”  Schoolbooks you might guess.  Nope.  It’s her younger brother.  The older kids (they define older kids as 9 years old)  take their little siblings to school in a sack that they carry with them on the zip line.

Come ON, Colombia!  You can’t do that.  But if you are going to do that… can I also do that?  Can I come over and do that?  That looks so fun.  I’ll even be on of the in-the-sack people.  School’s cool, school’s cool.

I feel like there’s a 75% chance this story is a hoax and I’m going to look like an idiot, but hey, this is the Big Leagues.  We take risks.

Thank you, boingboing.

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