Kate Gosselin Gets Criticized On Dancing With The Stars. Is This What You Want?


Yeah, you want to read about Dancing With The Stars.  That’s fine.  This is a show you watch.  You watch things like American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, and then you go to parties where people make fun of those shows, and you say, “No, they’re actually really entertaining if you just watch them.”  These are mainstream programs to be sure, but you still manage to make liking them seem quirky.  And while you’ll never convince me to watch these shows,  I will admit that your love for them is immensely charming to me.  See, it’s our ability to see each other’s flaws in a positive light that makes “us” work.

Anyway, I got you this for you for our anniversary.  It’s a clip of Kate Gosselin looking absolutely 1987 stunning while she dances in a manner that leads a judge to compare her to a shopping cart, which  sounds lame but is actually a solid zing.  I was going to try to make fun of her dancing myself, but the shopping cart line is way better than anything I came up with.  So far this is my best comment about it:  Oh, MAN, is she bad at dancing or what?!

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