Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: Lemurs And Kinda Racist Humor


We did it. We sat through two episodes of Kirstie Alley‘s Big Life, and it’s not so much big as it is batsh*t crazy. The focus of the show is clearly about her weight loss, but luckily she lets the cray-cray slip out ever 3 seconds. For example, did you know Kirstie is essentially an animal hoarder? She has a giant cage full of lemurs, whom she cackles at in a voice best saved for animated witch movies. The lemurs (fun fact: they are an endangered species) leap all over her as she feeds them treats and earns her reputation as the web’s resident crazy lemur lady. Watch above to feel your skin crawl.

Below the jump: Kirstie makes everyone uncomfortable with a weirdly racist-ish joke!

In the second episode, Kirstie is on the hunt for a trainer, and when she finally calls the guy to offer him the job, she first introduces him to her bizarre sense of humor by telling him she’s nervous around black people (clip above). The trainer, who is black, is rightfully dumbfounded, and Kirstie breaks the awkward silence with the same cackling laugh she normally reserves for her lemurs. Pretending to be racist is essentially as offensive as being blatantly racist, just less funny. But sadly we will keep watching this trainwreck, because we’re hooked on Kirstie’s craziness like she’s hooked on food. Nom nom nom.

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