Oh Maci, What Would Bentley Think?



Yes, we are Teen Mom junkies and rooted particularly hard for Maci Bookout, for the same reasons everyone else adored her. She’s perfect, she’s pretty, she says her son’s name with an adorable Southern accent (“BINT-ley”) and she tried to make things work with a hot a-hole, something just about every desperate person can relate too. Did we maybe build her up into a pint-size angel of all things good when she is, in fact, just human? Er, probably, which is why these recent photos of her binge-drinking on the beach at Spring Break are so heartbreaking.

Sure, we sound like our own mother, but we can’t help it. We don’t want Maci to act like a normal teenage (ie: Farrah) we want to hold her to unrealistic standards of perfection! Alas, she is doing exactly what we did at her age (god, we’re geezers): party, hook up with pasty, ugly dudes (yes, that’s allegedly her boyfriend) and get a giant tattoo of cupcakes on our back. Typical teen stuff, if you forget about the mom part of it.

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[Thanks to her Facebook fan page and ONTD for showing us the light. You can find more pics there.]

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