Nice to meet you!


Hello, everyone! My name’s Sarah Walker. I’m the new part time blogger here! So that means that if we were to meet at a party and you asked me what I did, I’d say, “I’m a part time blogger.” Then I’d slowly raise a revolver to my temple and you’d half heartedly be like, “No…stop.” That being said, I am SUPER psyched to be here! For realzies.

Some things about me: I really like, nay, love the movie Clue, especially this part:

My favorite food is cake.

I suffer from extreme second hand embarrassment, in that I feel other people’s embarrassment as acutely as if it were my own. This means that I find reality television extremely hard to watch. This affliction is maybe not ideal for a part time blogger, but that’s just my cross to bear.

That’s pretty much it.

See you sporadically for two days a week! Hooray!

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