Jesse James Inducted Into Adultery Hall of Shame


Adulterers Hall of Fame: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin

While Jesse James still has quite a long way to go before he catches Tiger Woods’s record of sixteen (and counting!) extramarital affairs, his recent shenanigans with heavily tattooed webcam models have quickly skyrocketed the Vanilla Gorilla into the Adultery Hall of Shame. It’s an exclusive club —from what we hear, there’s a secret handshake and everything— that is made up of some of the world’s most famous actors, athletes and politicians. Past inductees into the hallowed club include the likes of Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Michael “Air” Jordan and Jon “Still in Search of a Catchy Nickname” Gosselin. Take a gander at our photo gallery below to see what other lecherous lotharios made the list.

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