The Night I Did Heroin With Peaches Geldof: One Man’s Story



Gawker is reporting a fascinating, we-couldn’t-look-away story about a guy who met British model-singer person Peaches Geldof in L.A. when they were both crashing at a friend’s place, and ended up having a night that should seriously be turned into a The Hangover-style movie. Only  instead of meeting Mike Tyson and getting drunk, this guy did heroin and ended up on the way to meeting Xenu at the Scientology Center in L.A.

Reddit user Thatcoolguyben wrote his account of a night spent with Peaches Geldof, and while any part of it could be fabricated, he has the NSFW pictures of Peaches to prove that at the very least, he got naked with her. We’re condensing his story down to some of the juicier bits – the entire thing is posted at Gawker - and it basically reads like hipster porn, all the way down to the part where they decide to get each others’ names tattooed.

“At 3am I grab my friends car keys, and head out. We drive all over Hollywood looking for a tattoo parlor, with no luck. While driving around we get on the topic of drugs. At this point in my life I was very into all drugs, as was she. She told me she had a bit of heroin she brought with her from the UK and asked me if I was game. I was so the hunt began. . .At about 5am I was high as a kite and we start to watch a movie. Things get hot and heavy and before I know it we’re naked. . . We continued to use all night so I was quite foggy about the happenings. I faintly remember her asking me for a ride and me driving her somewhere. I awoke at about 1pm in a sauna, throwing up all over the place. . .I look around and read some stuff realizing I’m in the Celebrity Scientology Center in LA. This girl ended up being a hardcore Scientologist and a D-List celebrity, and we were doing a process called Purif. . .Not until days later when I looked through my camera of the pictures of that night did I fully realize everything.”

And by “Everything,” he means “Holy sh*t, I just shot up with the daughter of the guy who wrote “I Don’t Like Mondays” – score!?” If it wasn’t for Peaches’ signature tats (which we got a good look at when we saw her lingerie ad photos), we don’t know if we would believe this, but the proof is in the ink, we think.

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