Rick Martin For First Gay President!!!


I’ve never been really into conspiracy theories in general.  But what I am really into are conspiracy theories that I make up myself while reading the Huffington Post at my Father’s apartment in Houston, Texas after going to the dentist for the first time in five years (NO CAVITIES!!!!).  Anyway, there were two stories I saw and I am convinced they are related.  Here’s the first story:

I saw this and I was all like, “Okey doke.”  You know, just a regular old “okey doke,” because I don’t really ever say “no doy.”  But then…. I saw this story:

Oh boy.  Ricky Martin is going to be president.  This is totally lavida loca.  This is upside inside out.  This is the Macarena. Ricky Martin wrote Macarena, right?.

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