Nazi Saluter Jesse James Hides In Sex Rehab



First things first: yes, the “Nazi photo” of Jesse James has finally leaked, thanks to Us Magazine and The Insider, where the pic first aired back in 2004. It’s…creepy. Big time creepy. But, you know, anytime someone poses pretending to be a member of a group that committed mass genocide it gives us the heebie-jeebs.

While you’re enjoying this lovely image of Jesse Sieg Heilin’ it up, allow us to inform you of the latest on the Vanilla Gorilla’s whereabouts: Seems the guy is taking a page from the Tiger Woods’ Handbook on F*ckin’ and has checked himself into sex rehab in Arizona. News of Jesse James’ rehab stint first leaked when he was pulled over by a cop for driving with tinted windows and no front license plate, and told the cop (who does this, seriously?) that, “he was going to Arizona to try to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock.” Both Jesse’s rep and the rehab facility, Sierra Tuscon, have confirmed that he is indeed receiving treatment.

Sex rehab is getting a lot of buzz and business these days as a quick-fix solution for any and every guy who decides to stick his dick in one – or one hundred – different women behind his wife’s back. This medicalization of cheating seems like an attempt – by men, natch – to turn their panty-chasing into some sort illness or infliction. Allow us to diagnosis these idiots: they aren’t sick, they’re just selfish and horny. You don’t need rehab for that, you just need a good punch in the balls. [Photo: ONTD]

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