The Dark Side Of You’re Stoned And In College Again.


Remember when you were in college and that guy kept trying to make you watch the Wizard of Oz on mute with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon playing in the background?  Of course you remember that because that guy was actually most guys you knew in college.

Well that guy/all those guys are back and now he/they are me.  I/Him/They want you to listen to the Dark Side of the Moon as if it were written for your Nintendo Entertainment Center.  You know, that video game system you had when you were 10 before you mom finally finally finally got you a Sega.  Yeah, a Nintendo.  That gray box with red letters.  You remember; don’t be a jerk.  Here’s Money by Pink Floyd for Nintendo.

Uh oh, you’re totally high now.  You’re going to be in so much trouble with your R.A.  Oh, well.  At least you’ll always have THE WHOLE REST OF THAT ALBUM TO LISTEN TO NINTENDO STYLE!!!!!

(Thanks for the heads up, Joe Mande.)

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