Will The Last Song Be Miley’s Glitter ?


The Last Song, Miley Cyrus‘ big dramatic break from Hannah Montana-hood, hopes to join such Nicholas Sparks adaptations as Dear John and The Notebook in the hit romance hall of fame. But judging from advance reviews, it looks more likely to follow Mariah Carey‘s Glitter out the pop-star-movie poop-chute, with Salon saying the 17-year-old is “finally old enough to hate” and “cannot act.” We have to admit the clip above doesn’t look too promising, with a mud-caked Miley contorting her face and keeping it that way as she asks “where are we, Graceland?” and grins psychotically at real life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth‘s on-screen mother. Roger Ebert says Miley fans will give it four stars in his two-and-a-half star review, but will there be enough tearjerking tweens to make The Last Song a hit?

See more Last Song clips—including Miley showing her piano prodigy chops!—after the jump.

Miley shows off her chops as Liam looks on soulfully. Think he’ll hang around long if this bombs?

Wow, that piano solo was awesome. So awesome Kelly Preston tells Greg Kinnear that Juliard accepted her with full scholarship (“they’ve been watching her since she was 5). Why isn’t she going then? Because this is a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Hideous facial contortions aside, you never know how this might turn out. Did anyone think Sandra Bullock was going to win an Oscar for The Blind Side? Maybe we should hook Liam up with some fetish models just to increase Miley’s odds. But even if The Last Song tanks, they’ll never be able to take away her on-set-in-Savannah smooch with Liam last year. Remember it in the gallery below.

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