Lindsay Lohan Accuses Someone Of Abuse In Twitter Rant



Lindsay Lohan‘s Twitter is in full effect this morning. When we hopped online at 6:45 AM EST the actress was in the middle of a massive Twitter meltdown, in which she claims someone she knows punched her in the stomach tonight. She then accuses this person of previous abuse and word vomits about her experiences as a child of a violent parent.

As with all things Lindsay-related, it’s both utterly sad and completely nonsensical. She uses words like “dhioner” (dishonor?) and “denituy” (uh, we have NO idea), and has already erased some of her tweets. Lucky for all of us, we caught almost all of them before she pressed the delete button. Looks like the only one we missed was the one that started off her tweeting: “Someone, who I’ve mentioned in the past, due to hitting me, punched me in the stomache tonight*i always ask myself, why? Why me?”

Lindsay was apparently at a Star Magazine party tonight (A strange place for someone who so vehemently hates the tabloids to go, but whatevs) and was later seen splayed out in the backseat of a car going through a Wendy’s drive thru at 3:30 AM (pics below). Now might be a good time for those cops to put Lindsay under a 5150 and ship her off to the psychiatric ward. Please?

Update: Lindsay has deleted all above tweets and is now Twittering about how she got a good night’s sleep – even though she was up just a couple hours ago ranting. SOS, someone.

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