Surprise!!! Native Americans Are Offended By Heidi And Spencer’s New Native American Names.


Apparently, Heidi and Spencer Pratt announced yesterday that they are adopting Native American Names in an attempt to be more spiritual.  Heidi is now White Wolf and Spencer is now Running Bear.


Let me first explain why this is not controversial.  Everybody is in agreement this is stupid.  There is no controversy.  We’re all on the same page. This is what Heidi and Spencer do.  They do something idiotic and then we all talk about it.  And that’s fine.  They’re making a good living off of it and nobody gets physically harmed.

I only explain that so that I can say this:  Hey Native American spokespeople, there is no need to make a statement about this.  We’re already on your side; we’re already all generally offended by Heidi and Spencer.  Making a statement cannot possibly benefit you because — Oh, what’s that?  You already had a representative from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe make a statement?  To TMZ?  Oh boy.  Well let’s read what you had to say:

“Continued stereotyping such as this by people ignorant of our traditional ways is very disrespectful and only hurts our efforts to curtail these stereotypes.”

Oh… Actually, that’s pretty good; very well stated.  I stand corrected.  Wait.  You have one more thing to say?

“[We’re espeicially upset because] the names they have given themselves are legitimate names in our tribe.”

NOOOOOOOOOO!  You messed UP!!!!  Now we’re all just thinking about how it’s a at least a little funny that those are legitimate names.  And you also gave Heidi and Spencer credit for being accurate.   You have to listen to me when I talk to you about public relations.

(By Way Of TMZ.)

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