The Jesse James Nazi Story That Keeps On Nazi Giving


Listen.  Jesse James is probably not a Nazi.  Even his mistress, Michelle “NaziBombshell” McGee, is probably not a Nazi.  She’s definitely closer to being a Nazi than Jesse James is, but that’s not what I’m going to get into here.  What I’m going to get into is Jesse James’ recent explanation for the picture of him wearing an S.S. hat and sieg-heil-ing.

The hat was a “gag gift” to Jesse from his Jewish godfather, attorney Joe Yanny told CNN. As further evidence his client is no neo-Nazi, he added that Jesse spent a month in an Israeli kibbutz.

I say this with no irony:  Oy.

Here’s the thing.  I get Nazi jokes.  I really do.  If somebody gave me a Nazi hat, I would probably put it on and sieg a hearty heil.  But what I would not do at the same time as that is be famous and take a picture of it.  In the event that I did, however, I would certainly not try to explain it away with a “some of my best friends are Jews who give me Nazi hats” explanation.  And furthermore I would not add that I spent a month in Israel on a kibbutz.  You know who else spent a month on a kibbutz?!  Hitler!  (Probably not true.)

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