Jennifer Lopez Feels “25 Again” With New Movie, Record Deal And Viral Fail Clip


Jennifer Lopez

Going from media-empire mega-star to outdated cultural dinosaur would crush most ladies, but if Jennifer Lopez is sweating her prospects after losing her record deal following two flop singles (“Louboutiiiins!”), four years of box office silence and enduring a ridiculous legal battle with one of her ex-husbands, J. Lo.’s not showing it. Writing off the phrase “attempted comeback” to describe The Back-Up Plan, her first romantic comedy since 2005’s Monster-In-Law, the singer/dancer/actress/mommy prefers to see herself as reborn. “I was just home, kind of on maternity leave. And now, my first movie’s coming out since I was fat!” she said at a recent press conference. “I feel now like I’m 25 again and that it’s all starting over. With the babies, I feel like my life is just beginning.” It wasn’t Gigli that sidetracked her, guys—it was baby!

Even if The Back-Up Plan fails to restore her cinematic crown, a new record deal with Island Def Jam should give her something to look forward to—though not everyone’s enthusiastic. “Jennifer has fallen between the cracks of the music business,” an insider explained to the New York Daily News. “She’s too old to play the cute little dance dolly, and she’s not skilled enough as an artist to sing serious ballads. So what can she do?” Judging from a video clip leaked this week, one thing she apparently can’t do is cover Barbra Streisand. Allegedly released by an engineer as revenge for her prima donna antics, the clip features the lovely Lopez—or a remarkably impersonator—repeatedly butchering the beginning of the disco classic “Enough Is Enough.” Check it out after the jump.

Woooooof. Ever consider hosting reality TV, J. Lo.? You’re certainly more coherent than Paula Abdul.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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