Olivia Newton-John’s Boyfriend Is Alive After Faking Death In 2005


Olivia Newton John

Guess Olivia Newton-John was not the one Patrick McDermott wanted (oh oh oh). Gah, okay, forgive us for the terrible Grease references. The big news is: ONJ’s boyfriend of 9 years, who disappeared at sea after a fishing excursion, is alive. Cops have tracked him down in Mexico, where he is living on a sailboat. Getting dumped and grieving the end of a relationship is one thing, but mourning the loss of one’s life partner only to discover that person is chilling on a sailboat drinking cervezas is WAY insane. Surely Olivia’s got a well-payed therapist somewhere saying a prayer of thanks to McDermott.

The former lighting designer was apparently in major debt and fake-died so that his son – whose child support he was unable to pay – could get his $100,000 life insurance policy, a move that is both noble and douchey. Detectives have reached a deal with McDermott, in which he has confirmed his existence and they in turn have called off hunting for him. Indeed, it’s a tale weirder than Xanadu. [Telegraph. Photo: GettyImages]

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