Here’s A Commercial Where They Trick People Into Smelling Cat Piss And Then The People Are Okay With It


This came on at around 3:30 in the morning when I was watching CNN:

Oh man.  Where are we even going to start with this one?  Oh yeah, the part where they all huff the cat piss.  The lab coat guy is great.  Completely unprompted, he just takes a big whiff of the cat piss, and before the nice blond lady can even start her talk about how you can take a big whiff of the cat piss, this guy is already off to try to get other people to take a big whiff of the cat piss.  AND THEN THEY DO!  Don’t DO that, other people!

And then, of course, you can eat the cat litter.  Because it’s just corn.  So basically what they’re saying is that 15 seconds prior, they had people take big whiffs of what was just cat piss mixed with corn.  Now, I haven’t done any experiments myself, but I’m at least pretty sure that corn and cat piss don’t cancel each other out enough for taking a big whiff of cat piss to be pleasant.

Also, the name of the product is “World’s Best Cat Litter.”  Maybe they should have spent a little more time working on the name and a little less time taking big whiffs of cat piss.

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