Jon Gosselin To Sue For Custody And (Of Course) Spousal Support


Jon Gosselin

Looks like we might have to stop calling him JoGo. Jon Gosselin, now represented by a lawyer not connected to Michael Lohan (we’ll miss you, Hellers!), has apparently put aside his dreams of stardom in hopes of being a full-time house-ex-husband. Anthony List, JoGo’s new attorney, told TMZ the dad plans to sue for primary custody of his eight children, accusing Kate Gosselin of being an “absentee mom” for dancing with Tony Davaloni instead of staying with the spawn. Not so coincidentally, they will also ask for his child support obligations be scrapped (“$20,000 a month is ridiculous”) and that instead maybe she pay him a little—after all, she’s the one people want to see!

Understandably, Kate’s legal team isn’t impressed by this move. “We haven’t received any formal filing yet but I can’t imagine anything farther from the truth,” said her attorney Mark Momijan (was he picked for the last name?). “Kate is a devoted mother. Her concern for the welfare of her kids is so prominent that any allegations like this report are reckless and so far from the mark, it’s offensive.” Leaving her to provide for the children (JoGo can’t get a normal job, remember?) only to throw it back in her face does seem shady, but if he promises to stay couchbound during their growing years—which shouldn’t be a problem—this might not be a bad thing for the kids. Just don’t let him pick out the clothes.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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