Celebrate KStew’s 20th Birthday With Her 20 Sassiest Faces



True Kristen Stewart fans know she is known for one thing. Okay yes, banging Robert Pattinson, but there’s something else: her bitch face. KStew tude is as common an occurrence as her beat up Converse and weirdly tied t-shirts. The girl could watch a marathon of Simpsons episodes and she’d probably make her bitch face through out the entire thing. KStew’s got tude, and she knows how to use it.

In honor of our heroine’s 20th birthday today, we’re gifting the world with a glorious montage of 20 of her sassiest Stew faces. So while Kristen is kissing Rob in Budapest right now (rumored, of course), you can check out the gallery below and imagine how sassy their make out sessions must be.

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