Jersey Shore Kids Skip GTL For Tattoos


Ronnie-Jersey Shore-Tattoo

The second season of Jersey Shore is already off to a bizarre start. The above picture of everyone’s favorite toe-dissing thick-neck, Ronnie, looks to us like a screenshot of a male porno. Much to our sadness relief, it’s actually just a strange snapshot of Ronnie getting another atrocious tattoo.

Apparently his new ink was more painful to get than that 6 foot cross on his back, because Ronnie bit down on a mouth gag and was consoled by his fellow guidos and guidettes during the session. Sami Sweet Hair Extensions was also there to tenderly support him through out his skin art adventure. Could this mean they’re back on for more boning? Oh to spend another season listening to Sami scream “RAAAAHHHHH-nnie” after downing nine amaretto sours. We should be so lucky!

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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