The Arrested Development Movie is The Ross and Rachel Of My Generation


Is the movie going to happen?  Is it not going to happen?  Is the movie going to marry that weird British girl, Emily, or perhaps date Mark?  Well, it seems like for the time being, we finally have an answer.  Chandler Bing David Cross said in a recent episode interview with that they really started turning the Ross character into a huge p***y around season 3 and the show never fully recovered in all likelihood the movie will not be happening.  He believes the general consensus to be that it’s just been too long since Arrested Development actually aired and everybody from the cast is working on his or her own thing.  But seriously…I never ended up watching the last few seasons of Friends.  Did Ross and Rachel end up together?  I know Chandler and Monica did, but I just never got caught up on the Ross/Rachel thing.  They had a kid together.  I know that much.

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