A Very Fun And Nice Email From Jesse James That Is Not Gross (Na, It’s Gross)


After your sex scandal begins with a fully tattooed lady who dresses up like a Nazi, it would seem like it would be hard to maintain that level of bluuuuuhhhh-gross-what-are-you-doing.  But Jesse James really excels at keeping a steady and consistently creepy stream of information coming out.

This week, one of Jesse James’ other mistresses released a few of the emails he sent her.  Here’s one:

January 9, 2007
Jesse – “In a meeting?”
Merilee – “No…I’m done.”
Jesse – “Need anything before I split?…..”
Merilee – “Some tums.”
Jesse – “I have some special fluid that you can drink and i t makes it all better….”

Good innuendo, Jesse James!  You’re such a clever writer that I almost didn’t even realize you were making a c** drinking joke, which, by the way, is a really really good c** drinking joke!  And you know who loves c** drinking jokes?  Women with stomach aches who are requesting medication.   You nailed it.

A Note From The Author:  At one point during the writing of this post I had a typo and accidentally wrote “c** drking.”  My computer then suggested that perhaps I meant “C** Dr. King.”  I cracked up.  My apologies to the King family and late reverend himself.

Thanks, Huffington Post.

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