Biggest Pop Culture Controversies: Friends vs. Seinfeld


Every Monday, thanks to our sponsor Oreo Cakesters, we bring you pop culture controversies. We’ve pitted actresses (Aniston vs Jolie) and pop stars (Gaga vs Madonna) against each other. Up this week: two of TV’s biggest comedies.

Television in the 1990s was dominated by one thing and one thing only: Thursday nights on NBC. And on those nights, families would gather around the comforting blue light of their TVs to catch two hit comedies featuring entirely different groups of neurotic people: Friends vs. Seinfeld. It was the heyday of 90s comedy.

On Friends, you had a group of… friends… ranging from the anxious, to the mildly stupid, to the way too stupid to function, to snarky to an almost to an annoying but lovable degree. And then you had Seinfeld, an ingeniously written comedy with a cast that was at least as neurotic and way, way New Yorkier. Even their apartments were more realistic. Decades in New York, and we’ve never known any out of work actors and retail specialists to have an entire wall made out of windows.

Both shows hilarious, but one must reign supreme. And while Seinfeld might seem like the obvious winner, there are plennnty of folks out there who are closeted Friends fans… so please, blast that door wide open and let your Friends flag fly!

Which show will always be closer to your heart? Seinfeld or Friends? Battle it out in the comments!

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