Can We Start Trying A Little Harder When We Name Our Ice Cream Trucks?


Yesterday, I was walking around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is the neighborhood I moved to shortly after buying a pea coat.  And while walking around I saw this poorly named ice cream truck:

Mister Best Ice Cream.  Good going, guy who owns that truck, you idiot a**hole.  First off, don’t spell out “mister.”  Secondly, you can’t have three words following “mister.”  There’s only supposed to be one word after “mister.”  “Mr. Cream.”  That would have been fine.  Even two words after “mister” is acceptable.  “Mr. Ice Cream.”  But, that third word is the worst.  Way too on the nose.  Mister Blog Writer Guy Who’s Upset says, “change that name, Mister Best Ice Cream.”

Next Time on BWE:  Is “Family Tree” a good name for a dollar store?

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