Cue Eyeroll: Jon Gosselin Wants Another Show With Kate



Back when we watched Jon And Kate Plus 8 and were sympathetic to Jon Gosselin because he was just a berated, verbally abused husband, we remember that Jon always seemed like he wanted off the show. After announcing his divorce from Kate, he adamantly described how much he grew to hate the fame and paparazzi that stemmed from his public life.

Ironically, after the show ended Jon and Kate both seem to be doing anything they can to stay in the public eye, and now Jon says he would do another show with Kate “under the right circumstances,” if she’s game. It was just announced that Kate has worked out a deal with TLC for two new shows including a series of specials called Kate Plus 8 which will feature the Gosselin kids. Sounds like Jon is feeling a little excluded.

Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, Jon, don’t you remember when you guys couldn’t even do your interviews in the same room, on the same love seat, because you hated each other so much? And remember how you are currently SUING Kate for custody of your kids and claim she is “addicted to the paparazzi”? Guess you have to pay your legal fees somehow though, huh? Because getting a real job would be too hard, and you wouldn’t get free swag if you did that anyway.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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