Well, This Little Girl Is Going To Grow Up And Murder A Boyfriend Named Steven


If you keep watching random YouTube videos by way of clicking on the video suggestions on the right hand side of the screen, you will eventually end up watching a whole series of videos of kids throwing temper tantrums.  I just watched like 50 child temper tantrum videos.  Most of them are innocent enough.  Kids freak out and yell.  It’s what they do.  And that’s fine.  But this kid…oh, boy.  She starts off so normal sounding.  But then by the end she just sounds like a full grown adult who is probably going to murder Steven.  You see, she loves Steven.  Steven is the only one she loves and she wants him to come to Japan.  She loves no one else and never will.

I promise you this is more murder-y than cute.  Don’t think this is cute or you will surely die at the hands of a jealous significant other.

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