Oh, Shoot, The Pope Is Coming; Put You D**k Away!


Here’s a fun thing that is actually happening in the world.  The Pope is visiting Malta and a local mayor is now demanding that a huge phallic sculpture near the airport be taken down before the pontiff arrives.

You guys want to go on a terrible rapid fire joke spree?  No. Nobody does.  But that’s what we’re gonna do.  Here are some terrible jokes about this that not even I think are funny.

1.)  They’re actually just going to pour cold water on it until it shrinks so much nobody notices it.

2.)  I think that’s a Hell’s Angels Smurf’s penis.

3.)  That’s what a totum pole would look like if Native Americans just had sections of penises for their heads.

4.)  I think that’s Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s penis.

5.)  (A guy on a boat scoops chum into the water.  He looks up and is startled by the statue.) “We’re gonna need a bigger prostitute.”

6.)  I think that’s Avatar’s Penis.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got.  You guys can play too in the comment section (please don’t).

Thanks, Huffington Post.

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